About Blue Topaz Swimwear

My name is Ingrid Campbell, and I created Blue Topaz Swimwear to allow women to feel confident in their own skin. I've always strived to inspire self-love to portray an image to ourselves and others that we are perfect in every curve, shape, or stretch mark. 

My goal for Blue Topaz  - A Fit for All - is to leave an impression on today's society, by giving each person the feeling of being their best self, whether it's at home laying poolside, at a local beach, or on vacation.

We help build the inner confidence to wear and enjoy swimwear in public while also feeling beautiful, and knowing you look good. 

Blue Topaz caters to every customer.

We provide unique designs and more importantly, we provide good quality products with the fairest competitive pricing. When you buy from us, you're helping to grow the community and world of like-minded individuals.

We are a U.S. based online store, inspired by our own individual designs as well as styles from all over the globe. We embrace all body types. Even better - we deliver worldwide!